About us

We are Starsat Ireland

We specialize in providing Satellite and Aerial installation services but that is only part of what we do. With a wealth of experience in providing all Audio Visual services to peoples homes and businesses we have built up a reputation as being professional, efficient and cost effective providers of all services that range from a simple Satellite or aerial Installation to complex home automation facilities.


Dish and aerial install

Having worked as installation engineers for SKY TV, and found solutions to every possible scenario we can Guarantee that we can install your satellite TV system neatly and discreetly whether it will provide you with flawless viewing or the best of Free TV.   We also have a vast amount of experience in providing satellite systems from all foreign countries that can give you or your customers the choice of channels that they require.


TV aerial installation

When Ireland changed to the new digital TV system called saorview there were many unscrupulous traders who saw it as an opportunity to lie and cheat many people about what changing over to the new system would mean for them. We on the other hand were providing honest free advice to many people including working with local and national radio stations and newspapers to provide as much information as possible about how easy it was and is to get the most free to air channels available. A saorview aerial combined with a Free to air Satellite system can provide a viewer with hundreds of channels without any ongoing monthly bills. The Free channels available include all the “Irish” channels and “UK” channels. Please see here for the list of channels available

Installation ExpertsProfessional installation services

We have over the years provided installation services to lots of companies including Smarthomes, Techfit, Zwave Ireland and Satellite.ie. We complete these installations with the same level of professionalism and expertise that we apply to all our installation services. Working on behalf of all these companies we have amassed a vast amount of experience with all types of installations that range from in home entertainment systems to video conferencing facilities for all levels of business. So if you would like to give your company the expert installation service that your customers deserve without the added costs of training and maintaining an installation team then give Starsat Ireland a call today on 01-5313493